Day 4.5: Just because…

It was just too funny to pass up the opportunity to post this…  Now we know that uh, we put it out to the universe that we wanted to meet all of you potential heros, but well, not so sure if this is what we had in mind… 



Day 4: Where is the love?

Hello World,

Well, we just want to let you know just how disappointed we are.  We have been anxiously awaiting your stories, however you have repeatedly balked at  our numerous invitations to share your heartfelt stories of heroics with us and the rest of this cyber world in which we all subsist.  And therefore, you have left us with only one option.  To harass the general public for their support.

This Friday, March 19th 2010, outfitted with video equipment our quest to find Batman will be taking downtown Vancouver by storm!!!

Ok.  Now then.  We will be seeking stories about real life heros that exist and walk among us.  If you want to contribute to furthering out endeavour, meet at the fountain in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery (you know, on the nice side of the things, the Georgia Street side) at 4 on Friday afternoon.  Not only do we want to hear your stories, but we also want to know who among you is worthy of calling himself Vancouver’s own vigilante superhero.  Hey, it could be you!  But I think you have a better shot…

The place to be?  Friday March 19th, 2010, at the Vancouver Art Gallery fountain at 4:00pm

By Poseidon’s Triton,

Geeta and Vanessa.

P.S.  Don’t forget to show your support to our Paralympic athletes!  They’re heros as well!


Day 3: We’re sorry

Hello World,

We know you’ve been anxiously anticipating an update on our tantalizing quest, however, our hunt for Batman has been on hiatus due to a somewhat overwhelming sporting event…also known at the 21st Winter Olympiad. 

But we’re back in full force and are ready to take on this challenging and lofty task. 

First of all.  Who is the allusive Batman?  Are you the Batman?  Do you know someone who embodies the characteristics and traits of a superhero?  We need to find him. Or her.  It’s our mission–I mean, our quest–and we want you to undertake it with us.  Are you  up to it?

Second of all.  We now have a Facebook page!  Yay us!  That makes this endeavour legitimate.  Stay tuned for Twitter and Youtube.  But we would be thrilled if you and your cohorts would become fans and let us know who the superheros in your life are; or just get on board with this fellowship.


Hold on to your hats boils and ghouls, but have we got something exciting for you!   So don’t us don’t give up on us now we’ve got a teaser headed your way. SIT TIGHT! We WILL find Batman!

By Poseidon’s Triton!

Geeta and Vanessa.


Day 2: We want to hear from you!

Hello World,

It’s been a couple days since our quest began. Like the first Lord of the Rings movie it’s lumbering laboriously at a tortiselike pace. However, that’s not to say we haven’t made any progress.

We’ve received several emails from whom we like to call prospective superheroes. While we are waiting to hear back from a few people, we’d like to entertain you with a somewhat humourous and shocking email we received from Vancouver’s underground….

There’s a guy I met one night. He may not be the batman you’re looking for, but he’s a real live superhero/villian. He’s known as Vibrato – the man with the vibrator suit. He lurks through the sexual underground of the Vancouver fetish community getting people off with his custom-made vibrator suit. From what I gathered he has a friend in California who is an engineer and who built him his custom vibrator suit which consists of like half a dozen motors built into a polymer body suit. By day he’s a Howie Mandel impersonator – no joke. He looks exactly like Howie Mandel and makes a living impersonating him. But in addition to his gadgets and gear he has amazing sexual powers. The guy went from saying “hi” to getting to second-and-a-half base with my own girlfriend in like ten minutes while I watched in total awe. Anyways, I almost had the opportunity to facebook him and get more info but the chance slipped through my fingers. You can track him down on Fetlife where he goes by “Vibrato”. Other than that maybe you could try asking around at Sin City or one of the local kink munches.

So, with that said, we NEED your HELP! We’re trying to expand our social network to find Vancouver’s Vigilante.

Please let us know if you are the superhero we’re looking for! Superheroes come in many shapes and sizes (don’t be deterred if you don’t fill out spandex and sculpted body armour…and don’t be deterred if you do!) A superhero’s character is first and foremost defined by his heart. If you’ve got heart and what it takes, we want to hear from you!

Tell your friends, and help us find this superhero!

If you don’t want to comment directly on the blog, please email us at finding.batman@gmail.com

By Poseidon’s Triton,

Geeta and Vanessa.


A shout out to our first commentor and anyone who’s responded to our Craigslist posting!


Day 1: Our Quest Begins

Hello World,

Thank you for embarking on this quest with us.

In times of trouble many great cities are able to call upon a hero. A person who embodies physical prowess and acute mental dexterity enabling them to outwit even the most cunning and ruthless villains. New York is home to Spiderman, Metropolis claims Superman and Coast City is lit up by the Green Latern. Although he defends Gotham City, we in Vancouver are looking for someone who personifies all that is Batman. A vigilante and a hero.

Do you have what it takes?

We’re Red Farland Productions. Better known as Geeta and Vanessa, aspiring documentary filmmakers. We are are on a quest to find Vancouver’s own Batman.

In this blog we will document our progress in hopes of attracting the person worthy of calling themselves Vancouver’s Vigilante.

If you are interested in exploring your heroic aptitude and participating in this documentary we would like to hear from you.

Leave us a message here or email us at:

By Poseidon’s Triton,
Geeta and Vanessa.

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